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Old School with Beverly Hillbillies XXX

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(Hollywood, CA) Old school is back with the upcoming double disc DVD release of Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody from Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play. The fast-paced laugh-out-loud porno is as close to classic television as you can get but this time the producers and director decided to give the fans something that has been missing recently from the onslaught of new parody releases and that is a well-written sex comedy. The collectors dvd set will be in stores September 27th.


"The telling of an entertaining story is a lost art and that is where we started with this Beverly Hillbillies spoof," stated director Will Ryder.

"We had to have a great script and if the script wasn't television quality then we would be peeing against the wind. Ryder remarked.

"I think a well-written story should be as important in Chatsworth as it is in Hollywood."

Ryder and X-Play have been at the forefront of the parody revolution charging ahead with well-made funny television-like pornos that they call sitcums. They have spoofed some of the greatest shows in television history such as the Brady Bunch, Married with Children, The Cosby Show, M*A*S*H, Bewitched, Monday Night Football, Charlie's Angels, The Bionic Woman, Three's Company and many others but there is nothing like going back to the early 1960s to create a porn parody of a show that was #1 on CBS for years.

Granny, Ellie Mae, Jed Clampett, Jethro, Miss Jane and Mr. Drysdale all come to life with fantastic performances that fit in more with the actual TV show than just about any parody movie out there.

The first YouTube trailer is available here

"I don't know if I'd call it magic in the David Copperfield sense but when you have hot sex, beautiful girls and a very funny story your chances of having a hit comedy movie just when through the roof," offered actor James Bartholet who in perhaps his best performance yet plays Mr. Drysdale.

"Oh God, these guys were good and really funny and Kagney Linn Karter is fantastic as Ellie Mae," stated co-producer Scott David.

Like a lost episode of a favorite television show, Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play blend classic TV with hardcore sex in an authentic porn parody so accurate you will think you're watching the TV series. Ellie Mae & Jethro start a Hollywood talent agency right in their magnificent Beverly Hills mansion but since they really don't know much about the movie business they quickly find themselves in over their heads. When gorgeous actresses strip naked & have sex during their "auditions", Granny & Uncle Jed head for the hills and return to the Ozark Mountains and their dilapidated shanty fearing Beverly Hills has become too fast-paced for them.

Kagney Linn Karter is joined by Haley Hewes as Granny, Dana DeArmond as Miss Jane and Taylor Vixen, Annie Cruz, Kaylee Hilton, Aubrey Addams, Courtney Page, Vickie Chase and Lucy Blaze round out the females. Gary Lee, Otto Bauer, Giovanni Francesco, Ryan Driller, Eric John, Tucker Slain and James Bartholet co-star.

Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody is from the producers that brought you Not the Bradys XXX and will be in stores Tuesday, September 27th from Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play.

For DVD wholesale orders contact Ryan Thomas @ 888-416-6130 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at Adam & Eve Pictures.

For worldwide licensing of Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody contact Peter Reynolds at Plaid Bag Media 818.332.2275 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Y'all cum back now ya hear!


Casting for all principal roles in the upcoming big budget comedy Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody has been completed as Adam & Eve Pictures teams up with X-Play and director Will Ryder to create a hilarious porn parody of the classic television show.  

Kagney Linn Karter has won the lead role of Ellie Mae Clampett and blew away co-producer Scott David and the director during her Hollywood audition.  
“We had a number of really great girls make the effort to come in and read for the role of Ellie Mae but when Kagney walked in on the final day of auditions and delivered lines from the script it was game over,” Ryder said.  

The movie is a spoof of the popular 1960s era television comedy that ran on CBS and if history is any judge it just might win some industry awards for best comedy or parody in the comedy categories.  

Joining Kagney Linn Karter is Dana DeArmond playing Miss Jane along with Haley Hewes as Granny.  Other female roles went to the gorgeous Taylor Vixen, sexually charged Annie Cruz, teen sensation Kaylee Hilton, super sultry Aubrey Addams and the sexy XXX Page.  Gary Lee, Otto Bauer, Giovanni Francesco, Ryan Driller and James Bartholet have also joined the cast.

The movie hopes to continue the successful streak of Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play co-releases.  In 2009 the companies teamed up to win the AVN Award for Best Comedy for Not Bewitched XXX and then again the Best Comedy award for Flight Attendants in 2010.  

“If history is our judge this will be a really enjoyable movie,” stated Bob Christian, general manager of Adam & Eve Pictures.

The movie will be shot over four days including at a beautiful hillside Beverly Hills mansion and also on a sound stage in Hollywood.  A 1926 Model T Roadster has been purchased and is an exact replica of the actual truck used in the television show.  A banjo has also been purchased to help with the music soundtrack.  

“I have no idea how to play the banjo,” Ryder confessed.  “But I’ll find someone who can play the hell out of it.”

The two companies have also teamed up to release Rocky XXX a Parody in early September.  
If you loved the Sylvester Stallone original Rocky check out the realistic Rocky XXX parody trailer now

Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody will be released late September from Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play. Y’all come back now ya hear?

For DVD presale wholesale orders of both movies contact Ryan Thomas @ 888-416-6130 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dead at the age of 94, legendary Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz leaves behind a legacy of wholesome family entertainment that unwittingly stretched all the way to the porn movie industry when in late 2006 a fledgling porn production company created the number one selling porn parody series of all time with Not the Bradys XXX.  

The multiple volume collection from X-Play directed by Will Ryder and distributed by LFP Video is an X-rated version of television’s most beloved family and is responsible for igniting a spectacular revolution that has completely changed the complexion of the skin business.  It remains the #1 selling porn parody of all time.  

“When we produced the first volume of Not the Bradys XXX I had no idea it would change the entire industry like it has,” stated Ryder.  “I certainly had no idea it would be among the biggest selling adult movies in history.”

After four years on store shelves Not the Bradys XXX continues to sell well each month and the newer volumes including Not the Bradys XXX Marcia Marcia Marcia continue to delight new fans as if they were being discovered on store shelves for the very first time.

Check out the fantastic Not the Bradys XXX PG-rated movie trailers at

“We owe a lot to Mr. Schwartz because we are huge fans of the Brady Bunch but I want to make it clear that he had nothing to do with our idea to have Marcia, Jan and Cindy get banged.  That was something we did as a parody but today with the news of his passing I feel a bit guilty for having those pretty girls take their panties off,” Ryder confessed.  “We probably went too far when Alice the maid played with Sam the Butcher’s penis but we did it anyway.”

Ironically Ryder met Schwartz’ son Lloyd Schwartz who back in the 60s and 70s was a writer and producer on the original television series.  During this chance encounter Lloyd had developed a stage musical called A Very Brady Musical which was in performance at a theater in Los Angeles and the porn director brought along a Bradys XXX porn starlet as his date.   

“It was a very enjoyable perverted little musical with a lot of sexual overtones which surprised me so I felt comfortable walking up to him and introducing myself.  That might have been a mistake because at first he was very friendly with me when I was commenting on his musical but when I told him that I was the director of Not the Bradys XXX he just stared at me and it was conversation over,” Ryder laughed.  “He and his dad knew all about our porn movie and I even offered to run to my car to give him a DVD but he declined and I was almost booted out of the theater.”

A fifth volume Not the Bradys XXX: The College Years is being released this fall.  That movie will join Not the Bradys XXX, Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia Marcia Marcia, Not the Bradys XXX: Pussy Power and Not the Bradys: Bradys Meet the Partridge Family as part of the biggest-selling porn parody series of all time.  In other words it is the undisputed king of all porn parodies.    

If your favorite store is sold-out please ask the manager to order more.
Stores should restock their shelves in time for the late summer rush.
Britain’s Princess Catherine and Prince William were not aware when they made an appearance Sunday in the skid row district of Los Angeles that they were within mere inches of where scenes from the upcoming porn parody Rocky XXX were shot.

The location of the royal appearance just happened to be on the same urine stained gritty block that director Will Ryder selected months earlier to shoot outdoor training sequences for what insiders are describing as the best-acted porn parody movie ever.  Rocky XXX will be co-released in September from Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play / and is expected to be one of the year’s biggest blockbuster porn movies and possibly one of the top five of all time but an early coronation of this type was not expected.   

“Apparently the royal entourage and our scouting team came to the same conclusion that the Kohler Street and Ceres Avenue section of LA is as crappy as they come and would make fantastic backdrops for each of our unique needs,” Ryder stated.

“The duke and the duchess on their first visit as newlyweds to America needed a nasty urban location to show that they care about the underprivileged and we needed a filthy location where we could drive the camera vehicle down the middle of the street and urinate on the sidewalk without upsetting anybody,” joked the 2010 director of the year. “Hey it was really hot that day and we were drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.”

In the Rocky XXX PG movie trailer you can see the dutiful Adrian played lovingly by Andy San Dimas and Rocky Balboa played wonderfully by Anthony Rosano getting ready for his big boxing match with Apollo Creed as he trains vigorously running through the downtrodden neglected neighborhood as he attempts to escape a mundane world and seek redemptive glory.  Check out the entertaining safe to play trailer

In the television news clips from the royal couple’s skid row visit you can see the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge and the handsome Duke of Cambridge mingle with the common folk before fleeing the decaying warehouse district in much the same way Rocky attempted to escape but only in a bullet proof black SUV with police sharpshooters lining adjacent rooftops.    

The Royal couple and their entourage sensing the crack infested and shopping cart littered streets were dangerous, made a quick dash to a safer part of town before rushing to the airport to board a comfy flight back to merry England.

“You know Princess Catherine is a beautiful woman and Prince William makes for a dashing figure and I’m really glad they were married because I like that fairy tale sort of stuff,” Ryder remarked.  

“And if you think about it the story of Rocky and Adrian is every bit as much of a fairy tale.  I’m very happy that the royal couple came to the same horrific neighborhood where we shot scenes for Rocky XXX because to know that they picked this crappy urine stained area out of the entire city is a very good omen for our movie,” Ryder concluded.    

Rocky XXX will have to be seen to be believed and stars Anthony Rosano, Andy San Dimas, Madison Ivy, Chastity Lynn, Lilly LaBeau, Vanessa Naughty, Jack English, James Bartholet, Jack Lawrence, Tyler Knight, Chad Diamond, Mani Cruz, Ron Jeremy and Mr. Marcus as Apollo Creed.  Be prepared to get knocked out!   

Rocky XXX will be in stores in September from Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play.  
Watch the trailer now on YouTube
Adam & Eve Pictures and X-Play are co-producing a XXX parody of The Beverly Hillbillies and are now casting for the roles of Ellie Mae, Jed Clampett, Jethro, Granny, Mr. Drysdale and Miss Jane along with four cute side roles for additional females.  Interested actors and agents are encouraged to quickly contact Scott David and director Will Ryder to set up a go-see and reading.   

The movie promises to be a hilarious adventure and a top contender for best comedy in the parody category at most awards shows later in the season.

Interested actors must be able to resemble their characters, possess excellent acting ability and be familiar with episodes of the original CBS Television series which ran from 1962 until 1971.  Females interested in the four side roles must be sexy and have boobs.  

“There are a number of episodes on YouTube so actors can check it out and learn their characters before coming in to read,” stated co-producer Scott David.

“We acquired a 1926 Model A truck that looks just like the one in the TV show so I know this movie is going to be great plus we’re happy to be making this with Adam & Eve Pictures where we won two best comedy awards previously for Flight Attendants and Not Bewitched XXX,” Ryder stated.

The producers will also be searching Hollywood to find a mainstream actress to play the role of Granny much like they did during casting of Not the Cosbys XXX when Thomas Ward won the Cliff Huxtable role.  That movie went on to win awards for best parody and Ward for best non-sex performance so it has worked nicely in the past.    

“Some characters like Granny are just hard to find from a youngish porn pool but I think we can find most of the others characters and of course all the beautiful girls will come from porn valley,” Ryder stated.

Open casting for Beverly Hillbillies XXX will take place Monday, June 27th from 1-4PM at the company’s West Hollywood office.  Please call or email for address.  If actors cannot make it Monday, there will be additional time to audition Tuesday or Wednesday June 28th or 29th from 1-4pm at the Hollywood & Vine office.  If interested actors cannot make any of those dates or times but still wish to be considered contact Will Ryder.
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